1976: 1 mei: Koöperatieve Architecten Werkplaats KAW founded

1977: first substantial KAW project finished

1980: improvement of private houses becomes main activity

1990: KAW starts a new activity: advising in public housing and process management

2001: Opening KAW Nijmegen and KAW Rotterdam

2011: KAW Nijmegen moves to Eindhoven

KAW is a group of 80 enthousiastic, mostly young people, with knowledge of architecture and / or construction services, city planning and public housing. Our ambition is to attribute to urban, spacial and social improvement. We work together with the parties involved in renewing our living environment. We are realistic, involved and passionate. KAW is special for its combination of several disciplines: architecture,city planning, civil engineering and expertise in housing, health care, education and process management.

Foto © KAW
© Foto © KAW
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